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Vision & Mission

Our mission is to develop broadly educated, confident and thoughtful individuals. The hopes and aspirations of each and every student are of central importance to us. The happy and purposeful environment of the school encourages the students to flourish and to develop fully the skills and interests that they possess.

It fosters a lively caring community of which it is firstly proud today. For us, good education not students through knowledge and education that will enable them to change their outlook, perception and attitudes. The child receives a comprehensive education designed to promote physical mental and social development. The learning process is both challenging and enjoyable.

The school believes that education should foster creativity, independent thinking exploration and experimentation as a lifelong process. The students are encouraged to develop sound ethical values and qualities that are so necessary to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing society.

We hope to send out our students as leaders and guiding lights who will help in making the world a better place.