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Principal's Message
It is said, "If you want to succeed, do not stair up the steps, step up the stairs" and don't run behind the success, strive for excellence, success will be behind you. In our endeavour to inculcate the virtue of excellence among our children, galaxy of star teachers in Gyan Sthali (LBVM) are grooming the children in special style of academics rich in values with special touch of Indian culture.

It is also rightly said by great thinkers, "The education and skill chosen in any field is not complete until the values of life are inculcated in inner self. Teaching of the subjects are important, but more important is instilling the values into them and helping them to discriminate between what is right and wrong.

To provide value education away from all kind of greeds and unethical deeds with
harmonious and multidimensional development of academics and personality remained the aim of L.B.V.M. Sr. Secondary School, so that, our students could be highly adapted to everchanging circumstances and could compete successfully in this competitive world.

We are personifying our vision and ideas in our students and perspicacious enough to visualize the personifications in the magnanimous actions of our disciples, with the aspiration of developing them civilized citizen of India.