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Discipline Committee
This Code of behaviour applies to students of the High School and relates to all school activities, both during and outside school hours. This policy was drawn up in consultation with all the partners in the whole school community.

Our school strives to provide a safe and secure learning environment for the development of our students. Our Code of behaviour is based on respect for oneself, for others and for our environment. Our goal is to develop a moral framework within which initiative, responsibility and sound relationships can develop, so as to enable students to develop a sense of self-worth and a respect and tolerance for others. School rules must have this as their objective. Positive behaviour is affirmed and encouraged. Every effort is made to assist students to comply with the Code of behaviour. The High School is also committed to observing its obligations pursuant to the Equal Status Act of 2000. Bullying, racism, sexism, harassment and violence will not be tolerated.

We ask for the full co-operation of the whole school community in implementing the Code of behaviour.