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General Information for Parents
Dear Parents/Guardians,
Teachers are only parent's educational partners. If partners don't contribute to the moral education of their children, teachers cannot be expected to make up the deficit. We expect full co-operation from the parents/guardians in maintaining discipline at home, school and society. Our efforts and your cooperation will help to instill in your wards the desire for hard work and a disciplined life, which we hope someday, will certainly make them.

Important Notes for Guardians
Parents/Guardians are not to enter class room either their wards or seek interviews with the teachers during class hours. Interviews should be arranged through the principal only.
They are requested to co-operate with the school in its attempt to help their wards by paying attention to his homework, regularity, punctuality, discipline and also by equipping the students with proper uniform, prescribed text books and items of stationary.
School diary is a mode of communication between school and parents and parents should make full use of it.
If a parents / Guardians feel that his ward is not making the desired progress, he is requested to drop into discuss the matter with the principal, or the teacher (through the principal).
Private tuition especially from school teachers must be avoided.
The school has no provisions for short or half day leave.
The parents should ensure that their child reaches the school on time and if he does not do so. He would not be allowed to attend school.
Parents should ensure timely deposit of fee to avoided payment of fine and in convince to them and to the school.
Visiting hours to meet the Principal/Teacher are between 10.arn.rn to 12:00 noon on all working days.