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General Rules and Norms
Students are required to bring their school diary every day.
Respect the rights of others and avoid disturbing or interrupting the class.
Students should reach the school by 08:00 AM.
Students are required to go to the assembly in orderly manner as soon as bell for assembly rings.
Students should always be neatly dressed with their shoes polished and hair done properly.
Girls should make two plaits with a black coloured elastic Band.
Finger nails must be cut short and kept clean.
Students are directed to make use of dustbins provided for throwing bits of paper, etc. They are expected to keep the campus neat and clean.
No student should shout or whistle in the school premises.
Students must take care of school property. Damaging school furniture, writing on walls, etc. will be dealt strictly. Students shall reimburse the cost of any school property damaged by them.
Students must look after their belongings. They are advised not to bring costly articles to school. The school shall not be responsible for any article which may be lost or stolen.
For students mobile phones are strictly probhited.
If a child is sick during the school hours, intimate to parents should be with school phone only.
Parents are not permitted to visit the classroom to meet their sons/daughters/wards.
It is compulsory for all students to converse in English.
School will conduct parents’ teacher meeting once in a month, in most probably on second Saturday of the months.
The name(s) of student(s) shall be struck off the rolls who is /are:
  • Continuously without information for 10 day.
  • Who fails to deposit school fee by the last day of the month.
  • Students failing in the above two categories will have to seek read mission with re-admission fee or Rs. 1000/- (One Thousand Only). It shall be the principle’s discretions on grant or refuse the re-admission.