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Lecture Theatre
There is one big, well furnished, ultra-modern well – ventilated lecture theatre with seating capacity of almost 100 people. It has full wall screen and is equipped with audio-visual Projection System for lectures, seminars, workshops, demonstration and presentation.
Multipurpose World Class Auditorium
A spacious, well-ventilated, world-class auditorium with seating facilities of almost 1000 people is under construction. The work is on progress and supposed to be completed shortly. There will be a spacious stage connected with all its amenities and green rooms with two passages on each side of auditorium to facilitate the participants for their easy movements to the stage during different activities. It will be a multipurpose auditorium.
Physics Lab
There is a big, spacious and well equipped physics lab with a good number of setups of apparatus to facilitate the students to do the practical/experiments individually and altogether almost 40-50 students at a time.

The Lab is well connected with good supply of electricity. There is one big green board and a platform for delivering lectures along with all show cases and alimirahs for different apparatus. The lab is well designed as per the CBSE norms. Theory classes are combined with practical experience followed by all latest teaching methods.
Chemistry Lab
The school also has one big, well ventilated well equipped chemistry lab with all pipe lines well connected with LPG gas and water line. There are almost 10 sufficient physical balances. The lab fulfills all norms of CBSE and has been maintained for different chemical experiments along with preparation of different compounds.
Biology Lab
There is full furnished well ventilated and well equipped Biology lab with all models, charts and specimens. There are separate show cases for different specimens of Zoology and botany.
Computer Lab
There are two big, well ventilated computer labs, well equipped hi-tech computer labs with internet facility. Each computer lab has all in one laser printer and all computers in both computer labs are updated with windows 7 and updated software and antivirus. The computer lab also has whiteboard for instructions. The labs are well – designed and well maintained as per the CBSE norms.
The school has maintained a rich library with separate corners / areas for periodicals, journals, newspapers and letters etc. Weekly library periods are provided to different classes to enrich the knowledge by going through the different books on fiction, non-fiction, academics, national, international and general knowledge.
Play Ground
In view of an all-round development of the students, liberal arrangements have been made in the way of indoor, outdoor games and sports facilities for boys and girls so as to provide them with ample competitive and recreational opportunities.

To facilitate this, there is in the campus, a vast playground for holding different sports activities and matches like football, volleyball, hockey, cricket and other games. The school has its Basket-ball court along with a volleyball court etc.